Shantala babymassage with Juno


What can you expect?

Shantala baby massage includes massage techniques that we will teach you in three separate two-hour sessions. At the end of these three sessions you have been trained to perform a full Shantala baby massage with your little ones and you will learn how to make a nice relaxation moment out of it.

What do you need?

baby handoek
  • Provide enough time for this session
  • Towels, warm blanket and baby pillow
  • Provide diapers and wipes
  • Possibility to give a bath after the massage
  • A room without a draft with a stable temperature that is pleasant for your little ones
  • Avoid too many stimuli in the room such as mobile phone, TV, visitors, light
  • We provide the appropriate massage oil and possibly a yoga mat for the floor
  • Feel free to wear comfortable clothing
  • Possibility to test a Tummy Tub bath (that we provide)


A session always includes an informative preparation for the massage, relaxation exercises and practical explanation during the massage, taking into account the baby ‘rules’. We always end the moment of relaxation with a warm bath.

Currently the sessions are given privately at home, after discussion options such as gift vouchers / group sessions are possible.


If you have questions about the baby massage or if you want information about the group session or a gift voucher, you can always give us a call or ask us a question here: